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FAB is an environmentally conscious group and in an effort to help Mother Earth, they have launched a new Programme called: FAB Earth.

The first initiative in this programme is the FAB Jars

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As females we all struggle with weight loss, and wanting to “see” those pounds go!!!

Well FAB has a fabulous concept to help you in your fight against weight loss. With our customised FAB Jars you display two jars:

  1. FAB Jar 1 is filled with items ie. stones, shells, marbles, buttons etc. symbolising the amount of pounds which you desire to lose in order to arrive at your goal weight;
  2. For each pound you lose, you simply remove a stone from FAB Jar 1 (or whatever object used as pounds) and place it in FAB Jar 2, indicative of how much weight you have lost!

This concept is designed for you to visualize what progress you have made and of course it’s great motivation to keep going! Your stones, shells or any objects used to represent your weight can signify one, five or ten pounds.

The FAB Jars are personalized to suit your taste such as favourite colours and even objects like our FAB butterflies. Display your FAB Jars at home or work where you can see them daily and watch your pounds go down! Get FAB with our affordable convenient unique Jars today!

Help us GO GREEN with our FAB Earth Programme: Donate your used candle jars to FAB which we will re-use and re-purpose into FAB Jars.

Speak with FAB about purchasing your customised FAB Jars and/or donating your old candle jars today!

Pair of FAB Jars cost CI$25.00. Delivery and Pick-up are FREE!!

Supporting Cayman Become - Flash Mob Dance

FAB Members also participated in the first and largest Flash Mob Dance put on by the eco-friendly group, Cayman Become for Earth Day 2012