FAB Fitness & Beauty...for Life! Rewards Points

FAB Members also have the option to compete during 12-week session for Reward Points which recognizes their participation. Reward Points are awarded as follows:

1 Point

5 Points

  • Referral of friend to FAB who becomes a Member

  • Recommending an event, activity, organization, business to FAB which is endorsed or/and approved for participation/involvement by FAB

  • Completion of FAB Food, Mood & Fitness Journal on a weekly basis

  • Attendance at a non-mandatory FAB approved or/and endorsed event/activity

  • Wearing a FAB T-Shirt when directed to do so

  • Purchase of each additional FAB T-Shirts

  • Attendance at a FAB public relations/media event/activity

  • Each additional hour of FAB approved fitness activity over the minimum 3-hours per week (once officially signed-off by the appropriate Representative)

10 Points

Bonus Reward Points (between 5 – 15 Points)