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FitnessFAB…for Life!   (FAB), denoting Fitness and Beauty,  is an empowerment group for females of all ages who are desirous of achieving and maintaining life-long wellness. 

FAB advocates a holistic approach through education and information, supported by accountability and a buddy system.   This is provided via the MS. FAB-U-LESS Challenge,  a 12-week group weight-loss challenge whereby FAB…for Life! Members compete for the title, prizes and/or gift certificates.

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Announcing the Re-Launch of FAB…for Life! Wellness Programme

Saturday, 13 April, 2013 • 5:00 pm
FAB Cayman Boutique, #43 Walkers Road, George Town (across from Valu-Med Pharmacy)

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FAB Fitness & Beauty...for Life! Our FAB Team

Glenda Dilbert-Davis – Founder & Leader

Photo of GlendaHi, I am Glenda Dilbert-Davis, FAB Founder and Leader. First let me preface by saying that I am not a Doctor, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Writer, Public Speaker etc. I am only a woman like so many of you who have struggled with weight and self-image issues almost all my life.

FAB…for Life! and the MS. FAB-U-LESS Challenge was created by me after winning the 2010 War-On-Weight (WOW) winner, dropping 35.5 lbs in the 4-month competition sponsored by the Cayman Heart Fund. After winning and in fear that I would regain all the weight from not being in a structure programme, I had an “aha moment” and decided to form a women’s support and empowerment group that promotes life-long fitness and beauty, whilst simultaneously being a meaningful way for me to pay forward the gift of health and wellness.

WOW fuelled what has become my personal desire: to continue impacting the lives of females and the community by engaging and inspiring them to improve their lives, through improved health. For this I will always be truly forever grateful.

For me every day of my weight loss journey is a challenge, but with the support of the FAB Members, my journey is much more manageable. I truly believe and live by my motto “a healthy lifestyle is not achieved over-night, instead it’s achieved day by day….for the rest of your life”.

On behalf of me and the FAB Leadership Team, we hope you will decide to take the first step of realizing a new YOU by joining FAB. Together we can make a difference in our self, each other and community.

Carmen Bell – Assistant Leader

Photo of CarmenMy weight issues started after I had my second child, I moved to Cayman, became a real couch potato, did not eat healthy nor exercise, and I picked up a lot of weight in that time. My inner being became so unhappy with myself, and I focused totally on my work.

One Sunday I saw an advertisement in the paper for a War On Weight (WOW) Competition, I was not sure if expats were allowed to take part in this competition, but I still applied. I knew in my heart that I longed for a change, as I was tired of this new me.

When the news came that I have been chosen as one of the contestants, I knew this was what I wanted, I needed that extra push. It was the best thing that happened to me, it changed my life, and my whole mindset was changed. Now I fully understand the concept of eating healthy and exercise.

Here is where I met my favourite person in Cayman, my exercise buddy Glenda. We were there for each other through thick and thin during the WOW Competition, and today we are still walking the weight-loss road with each other. The one thing we have learned is that this is for the rest of our lives. We have our down days; however, we continue to encourage and support each other. We both know though when we exercise and eat well we feel much better.

My advice to other ladies out there, “Never give up, if you have a bad day, start again the next day, remember it is a lifelong battle, so hang in there”!

Kayla Archibold – Assistant Leader

Photo of KaylaI've always been the bigger one out of the "bunch" and being surrounded by smaller friends always had a negative affect on my self-esteem which made me more conscience of what I wore how I ate and what exercises I did, but that motivation didn't last long enough for me to lose weight and keep it off.

After recently giving birth to my first child who is 5 months old now, I'm still struggling with those last set of pound inches and the infamous love handles that like any other woman just wishes they would disappear after having a child or gaining weight. I finally decided that doing it on my own was not going to work, therefore I joined FAB. FAB is more than just a weight lost program or group. It’s women just like many of "you" who want to lose weight, need that extra support, a workout partner - simply put - women who need somewhere to start and be lead in the right direction.

FAB is all of these and so much more! FAB is for all females and aims to support females in their long-term pursuit of being healthy for life! Glenda is truly an inspiration to us all and a wonderful leader to all the FAB members from Boopers, Bellas, and Boomers. I encourage females of all ages to join our FAB Family! The key to weight lost wellness and beauty is only a click or phone call away. JOIN FAB and experience lasting and positive energy and support for LIFE!